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“It’s been a dream come true to own my own practice and be my own boss. United Rheumatology supports and advocates for me as I navigate the startup process of my practice, all the while allowing me to customize what I need or do not need. I truly agree that the sole reason for UR’s existence is to help practices like mine not only get off the ground but serve as a long term partner, mentor, and advisor for ongoing continued success.”

– Dr. Lomibao, Lomibao Rheumatology & Wellness Care, PLLC

“Starting a new practice can be overwhelming. I joined united rheumatology three months after opening my practice as I felt the benefits not only paid for the membership but also having the support would be extremely helpful. I am still new to the United Rheumatology and learning my benefits. I am confident after speaking to other colleagues in the same boat that this decision is going to be even more beneficial as I grow my practice further.”

– Dr. Wajeeha Yousaf, Rheumatology Care Center, PLLC – Bellaire, TX

“I am very excited to join the United Rheumatology. It is a great source to stay abreast of the latest advances in clinical rheumatology and practice management resources.”

– Dr. Manoor Ahmed, Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center of Kentucky – Richmond, Kentucky

“As a solo physician just opening my Rheumatology practice, I joined United Rheumatology to help ensure my business will succeed. From support throughout the start up process, to GPO purchasing incentives and beyond, United Rheumatology will help to ensure I will be able to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and high quality care to all of my patients.”

– Dr. Sherilyn Tittermary McCollum, Central Bucks Rheumatology – Doylestown, PA

“The reason why I joined United rheumatology is because I thought it would be a great opportunity to interact with other colleagues and gain valuable insight,  both academically and from a business perspective.”

– Dr. Bruce Stein, Floral Park Arthritis PC,  Floral Park, NY

“When asked to give my thoughts on Savannah Rheumatology Associates, PC’s (future referenced as SRA) partnership with United Rheumatology, I felt honored to have the opportunity to express my positive impressions. Our formal relationship with United Rheumatology began on March 28, 2018.

I readily recall my experience being courted by other super groups and realized that something was missing for us in their big picture.  SRA is a single provider medical practice concentrating only on rheumatology and related diseases.  We wanted to keep our autonomy and not relinquish our identity as such to a super group and being regulated on every aspect of our practice.  We knew, if we were going to partner with a super group, we needed to be in charge of our practice and the super group would be there with optional support as our needs dictated rather than being dictated to.

Fortunately, I decided to find out more about United Rheumatology.  Max Hamburger took my call late one afternoon and offered to call me after seeing his patients for the day.  Dr. Hamburger gave me all the time needed to discuss in depth United Rheumatology’s opportunities for SRA.  He knew firsthand about being a single provider practice and, after our lengthy conversation, I knew that we needed to investigate a business partnership.

As the practice manager and the wife of the doctor, I knew this would be a joint decision for our practice. I immediately shared my excitement over how United Rheumatology would enhance our practice and the doctor fell in line with the plan to pursue the partnership.

United Rheumatology has been a perfect fit and Dr. Morley and I have never regretted our relationship.  They have always been there for us and our staff with the opportunities and support to make our medical practice better.  They have provided valuable management solutions and we feel we are a “united family within a super group.”

– Shelia Morley, Savannah Rheumatology Associates – Savannah, Georgia

“I joined United Rheumatology as I have been in solo rheumatology practice for most of the last 36 years and want to stay independent. I worked for Kaiser for the first two years of practice and did not enjoy having someone tell me how many patients to see per day and what days I could and could not take off or how many. I do not perform infusions in the office so I did not join United for the purpose of being able to take advantage of some benefits that can be offered through the GPO model. I joined as I feel that with the future payment models based on quality, that I needed the strength of an organization like United to be able to develop practice guidelines that would be able to demonstrate that I was practicing “quality rheumatology” so that I could receive greater reimbursements in the future. United has made me feel that I have a say in developing these guidelines. The members of United are rheumatologists that I have enjoyed having academic discussions with in the past and will continue to do so in the future. United is composed of rheumatologists that have the same goals that I do. If you share my goals and vision for the future, I urge you to join United Rheumatology as we continue to develop ways to allow rheumatologists to survive and thrive in the future without being bought by a hospital or joining the practice of corporate medicine.”

– Robin Dore, MD, Solo Rheumatology Practice – Tustin, California

Membership in United Rheumatology has already delivered great value for my practice.  I’m the only rheumatologist in a multi-specialty group, and in just one quarter, my membership fee has been returned to me two-fold with the Lyo Cimzia opportunity!  What a great start to 2016!

Through group purchasing with Matrix, I’m also now able to purchase visco supplements without being “upside down”.  I have also benefited from better pricing on infusion meds and office services, such as document shredding.  The best part is that I did not have to change any of my vendors; Provista has so many contracts that they were able to get me better pricing with the same vendors for office services that I have been using for years.  That has allowed me to keep my local relationships, but benefit from nation-wide pricing.  It’s the best of both worlds.”

– Suneya G. Hogarty, MD, Wayne Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine – Goldsboro, North Carolina

“Just a note of “thanks” and to mention a unique benefit from UR, at least to our group. As we discussed a couple of weeks ago, our DEXA is 20 years old or so and on its last legs.  I suspect many practices are in this same boat. We are a 4 person practice in Wisconsin.  We had contacted our DEXA manufacturer and had gone back and forth for weeks, but the price was still high, especially with the way insurance reimbursements have gone down. With your help, we were put in touch with Provista, the supply company through UR’s GPO, Matrix. Apparently we are part of Novation Buying Group through this relationship.  Within 24 hours, I received a price for several thousand dollars LESS than the price that had taken me weeks to get. Same DEXA machine.  This one included shipping.  Even better, it was from my same rep and DEXA company!  She claimed that being part on Novation allowed her to offer this much better price. It will be shipping very shortly.  Plus, they were able to offer a trade in discount. Just goes to show that there are powers of being together as rheumatologists.”

– Mark E. Pearson, MD, West Suburban Center For Arthritis – Brookfield, Wisconsin

We are purchasing a new ultrasound machine for our practice. The best price we were able to negotiate on our own was $33,400.00. The exact same system through Provista was $22,822.00.

– Jeffrey Feinstein, MD, San Antonio Arthritis Care Centers – San Antonio, Texas

We are a moderate sized group by Midwest standards. We could not do better on our own. I doubt even the largest of practices could compete consistently with this Buying Group that spans specialties and professions. In summary, wanted to alert you and say “thanks”. I know our goals at UR go far beyond this type of benefit, but examples such as this show the power of being together and must be told. UR works!”

– Mark E. Pearson, MD, West Suburban Center For Arthritis – Brookfield, Wisconsin

“As a member of United Rheumatology I have been extremely pleased with the wealth of services offered. The GPO has provided my practice with huge savings on purchasing medications and other office supplies and products. Additionally, the other benefits such as state of the art practice guidelines, practice management tools, and other policy and office forms have greatly aided my office staff. Most impressively, as a member of United Rheumatology, I was able to take advantage of a formal on-site practice assessment, offered free of charge to active members. This same service, which I looked into several years ago through another party, was expensive and proved cost prohibitive for my practice at that time. This on-site practice assessment was particularly impactful for me as a small solo-practice Rheumatologist in helping me with running my office in a more productive way.

– Tim Howard, DO, Bucks Mont Rheumatology – Quakertown, PA

“We are an 8 provider practice in Indianapolis and we’d like to thank United Rheumatology for their focused mission and the many services offered through membership. While the common goal is to define the standard of care and enhance the practice of independent rheumatologists, we’ve experienced many cost saving benefits along the way. The access to better pricing on biologic medication has been remarkable, with the overall reduction greatly exceeding the cost of membership. We’ve also taken advantage of membership discounts on services and supplies, and we’re currently working with Fulcrum Strategies on contract negotiations. It’s true, the bigger UR becomes, the greater the value they can offer independent practices.”

– Douglas B. Smith, MD, Rheumatology Associates, P.C. – Indianapolis, Indiana

“After working in a multispecialty group for 15 years, I have decided to start my own practice in California. To learn the business side as a solo provider, I contacted UR and they have come forward to provide this support.”

– Dr. Uzma Khan, AK Arthritis & Rheumatology – Clovis, California

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Whether you have an established practice, you’re fresh out of your fellowship, or you’re a hospital-based rheumatologist considering private practice, United Rheumatology offers the resources and services you need to advance your career and your clinic.


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