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Patients with rheumatologic diseases are one of the most expensive groups for a payor to manage. As such, payors – and employers who self-insure — are important strategic partners in United Rheumatology’s mission to optimize the independent practice of rheumatology.

Payor collaboration makes it possible to improve the quality of care, minimize or eliminate administrative inefficiencies, and  maintain or even reduce the cost of treating patients with rheumatologic diseases. United Rheumatology embraces working with payors to design new, innovative models for risk-sharing that are ultimately in service for the patient.

We are ready to begin collaborative discussions on those programs with organizations representing our patients’ healthcare financing needs. To begin those discussions, contact us today!


United Rheumatology offers health-plan payors, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), employers, and third-party administrators the opportunity to work with the industry’s leader in rheumatology care management. Our approach brings together over 600 independent rheumatologists from 39 states, treating over 2,000,000 patients into a collective EMR-enabled network for managing care of the most expensive category of therapy classes — inflammatory conditions.

With inflammatory conditions reaching an annual spend by commercial health plans over $150 per member per month and incurring a 15.3% increase in 2017, United Rheumatology demonstrates the value a new physician-driven care delivery system can provide. United Rheumatology has developed focused shared savings programs to address the cost and quality of care in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, and lupus.


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United Rheumatology is currently participating in several initiatives with payors designed to deliver measurable improvements in quality, access, and cost. These value-based care programs rely on United Rheumatology’s copyrighted Clinical Pathways, supported by our Normalized Integrated Community Evidence UR-NICE database of our members’ EMR data. We also offer targeted and comprehensive Rheumatology Care Management programs to improve quality and reduce costs for payors and patients.



UREQA is United Rheumatology’s Qualified Clinical Data Registry, created to help independent rheumatologists optimize clinical quality and approved by CMS for 2021 MIPS reporting. UREQA introduces three new, rheumatology-specific quality measures based on United Rheumatology Clinical Practice Guidelines.


2022 UREQA Measure Specifications>>



Payors have a vested interest in optimizing the impact of healthcare dollars. United Rheumatology’s member-adopted Clinical Pathways were developed specifically with payors in mind, recognizing the need to minimize waste and step through treatments in a systematic and evidence-based manner. Our pathways support and enable collaboration with payors and make it possible to contemplate innovative models of value-based payment with the shared intent of improving the quality of care of your members, employees, and patients.

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United Rheumatology Care Network (UR-CNSM) is our Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) that are focused on aligning incentives with payors and physicians to drive quality and cost objectives. Our ability to collect, integrate, and analyze EMR data for an estimated 2M patients, enable benchmarking, and implement value-based programs leads to efficient practices for better, less expensive care.

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Whether you have an established practice, you’re fresh out of your fellowship, or you’re a hospital-based rheumatologist considering private practice, United Rheumatology offers the resources and services you need to advance your career and your clinic.


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