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Infusion Workflows + SOP

For many independent rheumatologists, an in-office infusion suite offers better care for patients and serves to diversify the revenue stream for a practice. Whether you have an established infusion suite or are considering adding this service to your practice, United Rheumatology can offer members a resources database to help you make the best decision for your practice.

If you’re not a member but interested in how an in-office infusion suite can better serve your patients and expand your practice’s revenue stream, learn more about United Rheumatology’s services. >>

In addition to this resource, a member of our Medical Policy Committee or our Practice Administrator’s Committee would be happy to discuss any questions you might have. Contact our Practice Administrator’s Team >>

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Additional content is exclusively available to United Rheumatology members

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Whether you have an established practice, you’re fresh out of your fellowship, or you’re a hospital-based rheumatologist considering private practice, United Rheumatology offers the resources and services you need to advance your career and your clinic.


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