RCM Webinar

RCM Webinar

The RCM Rundown for Rheumatologists:

A Webinar on Process Success

Got questions about revenue cycle management (RCM) and related reports? United Rheumatology is here to help.
Georgia Bonney, practice manager at Virginia Rheumatology Clinic in Chesapeake, Virginia, and Lynette Byrnes, Senior Vice President of Practice Solutions at United Rheumatology and COO of Rheumatology Associates of Long Island, will explain how RCM efforts benefit rheumatologists in a free webinar on June 22 at 7 pm EDT.  
Attendees will learn how to:Interpret RCM reports, compare year over year revenue, and execute on important frameworks to achieve practice-specific goals Create consistent behaviors, fewer errors, and maximize reimbursements Delineate telemedicine vs. in-person revenuesUnderstand the importance of expense and compensation reports Revenue Covid comparisons 

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