United Rheumatology Effectiveness and Quality Analytics (UREQA)

United Rheumatology Effectiveness and Quality Analytics (UREQA)

Simplified MIPS Reporting Using Quality Measures Created By and For Independent Rheumatologists

UREQA is United Rheumatology’s Qualified Clinical Data Registry, created to help independent rheumatologists optimize clinical quality and approved by CMS for 2019 MIPS reporting. UREQA introduces five new, rheumatology-specific quality measures based on United Rheumatology Clinical Practice Guidelines. These measures are reportable to CMS only through UREQA.

UREQA 2019 QCDR Measure Specifications

UREQA1 2019 Ankylosing Spondylitis Controlled Disease

UREQA2 2019 Ankylosing Spondylitis Appropriate Pharmacologic Therapy

UREQA3 2019 Controlled Gout

UREQA4 2019 Folic Acid for Patients on Methotrexate

UREQA6 2019 Psoriatic Arthritis Close Monitoring for Newly Diagnosed Patients

Participants can report Quality data selected from 300 existing MIPS measures, including eCQMs, and five UREQA-proprietary QCDR measures. Participants can also attest for Advancing Care Information (ACI) and Clinical Practice Improvement Activities (CPIA) directly through UREQA.

UREQA accepts multiple methods of data entry for members that require flexibility due to EMR constraints.

Participants can access a personalized, web-based dashboard that summarizes MIPS performance, estimates scoring, and illuminates improvement opportunities.