UR-Rx Support

UR-Rx Support

UR-Rx is a UR-sponsored e-prescribing service for pharmacy-benefit specialty drugs. Scripts sent via UR-Rx are delivered to the patient’s PBM, or the specialty pharmacy selected by the member’s practice.  Once written, UR-Rx tracks if and when your patient fills the prescription.  A live dashboard enables your practice to quickly view which scripts have been filled – streamlining physician-patient communication while reducing paper work and prior authorizations. Your practice can assign as many users as needed to monitor if scripts have been approved and filled, providing updated information when a patient calls.

Focus on Patients, Not Paper

UR-Rx can assist your practice with the PA process, reducing the burden on your staff and freeing them to focus on patient care.

Keep Your Existing Pharmacies

UR-Rx routes prescriptions to your practice’s preferred specialty pharmacy and/or to the pharmacy indicated by the patient’s insurance plan. You can keep your established specialty pharmacy relationships.

Track eRx From Send to Fill

A centralized, secure web portal shows the real-time status of all prescriptions sent through UR-Rx. Your staff can see when prescriptions are filled and can take action when they are not.

Free for Members

UR-Rx is included as a benefit of United Rheumatology membership, in support of our mission to improve the practice of rheumatology.

Ready to get started?

If you are interested in signing up for UR-Rx, please contact your Practice Relationship Manager at info@unitedrheumatology.com, or call 631-656-7199.