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From the President
July 17, 2016

  • United Rheumatology has engaged Manatt Phelps and Phillips as its legal representation going forward. Manatt attorneys will be present at upcoming Medical Policy Committee (MPC)/Administrator’s Committee meetings to introduce themselves to us.
  • United, working with consultants from Manatt’s Health Solution arm (the same consultancy that assisted with the initial formative steps for United in the summer and fall of 2014) will engage with ICER (Institute for Comparative Effectiveness Research) in response to a request for engagement on rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. This will reinforce United’s position as the voice for independent practice rheumatologists, and provide a national exposure with payers.
  • The MPC has completed work on the guidelines for RA, PSA, AS, osteoporosis and knee osteoarthritis. Work has commenced on gout, lupus, ultrasound, and biosimilars guidelines and policies. If you have an interest in working on the subcommittee on these matters contact Amanda Byrnes at the United Rheumatology home office.
  • UR has launched a subcommittee on Payers, and will launch a nominating committee at the next MPC meeting in August to formalize the approach to selection and approval of new subcommittee members and replacements for those whose terms conclude.
  • United’s MPC guidelines work has achieved international recognition, with Josef Smolen and Daniel Aletaha participating in the August committee meeting.
  • United is finalizing an agreement with a national insurance brokerage. Likely inclusions in the offering will be malpractice, health care, and other practice related coverage. Stay tuned for details.
  • The United Website has been completed revamped and updated. Thanks for your patience during this process.
  • Two data commercialization projects are in process. Two more are under discussion. Our project to extract, aggregate and analyze data will provide near term revenue, and long term, the information essential to every contract and agreement. While the startup steps and monitoring may requiring some innovations and learning on the part of physicians and practice staff, the ongoing maintenance and participation are very low demand processes, and we look forward to a cooperative start with all who are not yet on board. For those who use Medent and Epic, know that we are working with those vendors to find software and extraction solutions. For those who work with Practice Fusion, we have had zero success in achieving cooperation with them. Data access is critical. Physicians should demand that Practice Fusion remove any encumbrances on their data access, even if there is a reasonable fee to pay.
  • We are at over 236 members! At our current growth rate, 350 by year’s end is not out of sight!
  • The National Meeting will be at the Doral Hotel from October 28th to October 29th. Your participation drives this organization, so please plan to be there. Register Today

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