Spring National Meeting to address practice risk in current healthcare environment

Mitigating Practice Risk as the Healthcare Landscape Shifts Beneath Us,” the theme for this year’s meeting, addresses the critical need for integrating a suite of financial and other service offerings to the current practice management solutions provided by United Rheumatology.
Douglas Tardio, United Rheumatology’s CEO will lead a series of discussions throughout the event addressing how tiered financial investment can offer significant value to our mission of supporting independent rheumatology practices. During his 12 years as President, COO then CEO, at CareCore National (Now eviCore Healthcare), Mr. Tardio managed multiple risk bearing contracts with provider networks across several specialty areas of care. “We need to recognize that there is little support left for the solo practitioner model of care delivery in both commercial and government healthcare programs. This does not mean we should abandon the model, only work tirelessly to redefine the true meaning, one that’s only found in an unobstructed relationship between physician and patient.” By supporting physicians with a robust portfolio of operational, financial and payer focused programs, United Rheumatology provides a unique opportunity to protect the most important components of an independent practice, while seeking to mitigate risk as payers universally look to cut healthcare spending.
Attendees will be reimbursed for their coach round trip airfare, as well as Friday night at the hotel. See the event website for additional information and to register.

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