Robin Dore, MD

“I joined United Rheumatology as I have been in solo rheumatology practice for most of the last 36 years and want to stay independent.  I worked for Kaiser for the first two years of practice and did not enjoy having someone tell me how many patients to see per day and what days I could and could not take off or how many. I do not perform infusions in the office so I did not join United for the purpose of being able to take advantage of some benefits that can be offered through the GPO model.  I joined as I feel that with the future payment models based on quality, that I needed the strength of an organization like United to be able to develop practice guidelines that would be able to demonstrate that I was practicing “quality rheumatology” so that I could receive greater reimbursements in the future.  United has made me feel that I have a say in developing these guidelines.  The members of United are rheumatologists that I have enjoyed having academic discussions with in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  United is composed of rheumatologists that have the same goals that I do.  If you share my goals and vision for the future, I urge you to join United Rheumatology as we continue to develop ways to allow rheumatologists to survive and thrive in the future without being bought by a hospital or joining the practice of corporate medicine.”

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Whether you have an established practice, you’re fresh out of your fellowship, or you’re a hospital-based rheumatologist considering private practice, United Rheumatology offers the resources and services you need to advance your career and your clinic.


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