Recruitment Update

Recruitment Update

Recruitment in 2019 has been quite strong!  To date, we have over 553 members and 226 practices in 37 states.  This year alone, we’ve added 61 providers to our ranks and continue to grow at an unprecedented rate.  Many thanks to our members since our growth is due to support from YOU and your willingness to spread the word.  In our travels, we find many of your colleagues are joining United Rheumatology because they want to remain independent but also see the value of being part of a larger group.  At UR, your practice remains under your tax ID number which still allows you to be able to take advantage of rebates, discounts and services while remaining independent.

We’ve built United Rheumatology to include roughly 25% of the community-based rheumatology practices, which will allow us to leverage our network with the payer community.  We have developed clinical pathways with our Medical Policy Committee, rheumatologists from both community and academic settings, in eight disease states.  We also have the ability to collect and analyze data from multiple EMR systems, gathering real world evidence in over 500,000 patients to date.  Our next step forward is to take the idea of value-based arrangements and make them a reality for our membership, without losing autonomy as an independent private practice.

If you want to help us grow, please feel free to reach out to kjewett@unitedrheumatology.com to discuss ways to engage future members. Our membership fees have decreased in 2019 so this is a great time to join United Rheumatology and reap the benefits of membership!

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