United Rheumatology is very proud to announce a strategic partnership with Integro, one of the most respected and largest nationwide insurance brokerages. Recognizing the burden placed upon many physicians by their malpractice insurance cost, United and Integro have agreed to collaborate with the goal of enabling substantial reductions in malpractice premiums for United Rheumatology members.
This is the first phase in the engagement between Integro and UR. Near future plans will include access to better rates on non-professional insurance needed by practices- the coverage you need for your offices; e.g., general liability, cyber-liability, and commercial property insurance.
Accessing the lower rates made available under this agreement will require practices to complete a number of documents, and disclosures about malpractice loss history. This is a standard expectation when physicians apply for malpractice coverage.  Integro will maintain complete confidentiality with all information provided.
United Rheumatology and Integro staff are available to answer any questions you may have and assist with the application process. We are very pleased that the size of United Rheumatology has enabled this opportunity. Working together, we will continue to seek opportunities to leverage our size to find ways to save practices money and provide the standard of care.

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