How will data be collected?

We partner with MDI, a Medical Data Aggregation and Analytics company, our preferred Vender. MDI in turn has an exclusive agreement with revelationMD (revMD), for the use of their software tool, syncMD. Who does what?

First and foremost, every part of the process is performed in compliance with all applicable regulations. Your practice will sign a Business Associate Agreement as mandated by HIPAA. All HIPAA regulations that pertain are adhered to.

Second, there is a firm and written commitment- no entity will ever see your data except you. You will receive periodic benchmarking reports positioning your data against that from the entire network, and you will able to use this data as you choose. PHI (Protected Health Information) is never disclosed. You will decide if you wish to participate when commercialization opportunities are offered to you


revMD powers the process technically. The syncMD tool enables them to map different EMR and PM systems, and identify the locations of the data to be extracted. The syncMD tool works in a read-only fashion – it cannot make any changes in your EMR or PM systems. It cannot change the software, or the data that has been entered. The syncMD tool will extract the data without impacting practice operations.

MDI performs practice operational and commercialization services. MDI finds commercial opportunities for data sales. MDI has built what is called the Standard Data Model, which is a list of all the parameters to be extracted. MDI has received input from the United Rheumatology Medical Policy Committee, which designates which clinical data are important for analysis of outcomes, and other clinical assessments. MDI researches which measurements are of interest to commercial entities, to ensure the commercial power of the Standard Data Model. MDI works with your office to help you build the structured fields in your EMR where data to be extracted will be recorded. Free text cannot be mined. The structured field process has been developed by practicing physicians and knowledgeable practice administrators with two goals: getting the data needed, and avoiding any impact on workflow and patient care. We do not add more than 15 seconds to any office visit. MDI offers data analytics capabilities as well.

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