How to avoid a lack of employee retention

Skilled, talented and experienced employees are the key to lasting success of any organization, and keeping those workers should be a high priority. Losing employees can be a major problem as the organization loses the talent and experience on top of facing the high cost of recruiting and training replacements.
Here are some reasons for a lack of employee retention:
Lack of Vision
Employees want to feel passionate and excited about the practice the work for.
A clear and well-communicated vision is important. If we fail to communicate our overall goals to our employees they can soon lose direction. When there is absence of vision, staff may feel the need to create their own vision. This can create different lenses which can make all stumble to different directions.

The performance review fallacy. Yearly review is not enough.
Valuable employees want to know that they are valued. They want to know that their efforts are worthwhile.  If they aren’t doing something correctly, they’d like to know that too. Yet, all too often, employees feel they are left in the dark on these issues. Then they get hit with something surprising at the annual performance review. Effective managers need to be good communicators. Understanding the daily challenges their staff is facing is key. We should not be waiting for the end of the year review to find out what is or not working. Continued communication and troubleshooting isn’t just good management it is also good conduct to show you are checking the pulse of the practice and care about your staff.
While you may need to continue having annual performance reviews, you should have one goal at every review you conduct:
No surprises There should never be anything in the review that is a surprise to an employee, nor should something be in a process they are part of they know anything about.
The right employee in the right seat.
One of the ways to ensure key employees stick around is to make sure they are in the right seat for their tasks assigned to them. A key to a satisfied employee is to have them working on projects which match their abilities and their desires. Many times staff is viewed as a resource without considering the human aspect. A staff members job descriptions may evolve over time as the practice‘s workflows evolve to keep up with our industries demands. The leaders need to keep in mind as the position evolves is the staff member capable or ready to evolve? Do they want to evolve?
If you keep this in mind we may keep staffing longer, although it may mean moving some staff to different places within the practice. It can very well be they no longer fit with the practice. However you can determine that on your time while considering how removal or a move within the organization will affect the practice.

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