1. How do I become a member of United Rheumatology?

The first step is to complete the Member Application located under Join. Once completed you will be notified via email and the United Rheumatology Practice Membership Agreement and UR-GPO Agreement will be sent to you for signature.

2. I have completed the United Rheumatology Practice Membership Agreement and UR-GPO Agreement. Are there any other agreements that I must complete?

Yes, there are additional forms to review and sign if you choose to be part of UR’s data collection activities and/or are interested in our value-based payer opportunities and clinical benchmarking programs.  If you are interested in these programs, please contact Amanda Ciardiello at 631-656-7199.

3. The agreement that I sign includes a business associate agreement (BAA). Why do I sign a BAA with United Rheumatology and revMD?

UR works closely with our members and their offices to improves the quality of care; to do so, we encourage our members to participate in our data warehouse.  Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a business associate agreement (BAA) is a document you are required to enter into with any third party (non-practice member or employee) that may have access to your patient’s protected health information (PHI). United Rheumatology’s warehouse gathers data to improve the quality of care, and we rely on a partner, RevMD, to provide warehouse-related technical services to UR. Since UR and revMD may each be performing functions that involve the use or disclosure of PHI you are required to enter into a business associate agreement in accordance with HIPAA.

4. My practice includes partners and employees. I am employing physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Some are employed full time and others part time. What are the fees and how will my practice be charged?

The base rate is $2,500 per each full-time practitioner, plus $1,250 per each part-time practitioner. Practitioners are defined as physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. These fees apply to all practitioners within the practice.

5. Does the UR membership fee vary based upon the number of practitioners in the practice?

If a practice has more than five (5) but less than eight (8) practitioners, the base rate will be discounted to $2,250 per each full-time practitioner, plus $1,125 per each part-time practitioner.

For practices with eight (8) or more practitioners, the rate will be $600 per each additional full-time or part-time practitioner.

6. Am I required to use all of the services, opportunities, and benefits that United Rheumatology offers?

No, all services are voluntary.  You are free to choose from among our list of services, opportunities, and benefits.

7. Do I have to pay the entire membership fee at one time?

No, membership fees can be paid on an annual or quarterly basis. Payments can be made by credit card, check or by ACH (automatic withdraw).

8. After I complete the United Rheumatology Practice Membership Agreement and UR-GPO Agreement what will happen next?

You will receive a “Welcome Letter” via email confirming your membership, and you will be contacted by a UR Member Solutions Representative (UR-MSR) assigned to your region. The MSR will take the physician or administrator through a brief overview of products and services, and then assist in selecting the benefits that are appropriate for your practice. You will also be contacted about our data collection process if you so choose.

Additionally, a Curascript SD representative will contact you to discuss participation in the United Rheumatology GPO.

9. I am interested in Revenue Cycle Management. What savings can I expect, and just how does this work?

American Rheumatology, our revenue cycle partner, is committed to providing superlative service at competitive rates to our membership. Contact Lynette Byrnes at 631-656-7199 for the details. The savings and other financial aspects will vary depending on the scope of services selected.

10. I am interested in acquiring an EMR and PMS for my practice. TSI Healthcare, an EMR vendor, is listed as one of your preferred vendors. Can you describe further?

TSI Healthcare is our preferred EMR partner, and provides rheumatology-focused support and sales for the NextGen practice management and electronic medical records technology platform. When a United Rheumatology member becomes a new TSI customer, TSI will provide a discount off the prevailing TSI Healthcare pricing. Existing TSI Healthcare customers also receive additional benefits based on their UR membership.

To learn more about TSI Healthcare, please contact your Members Solution Representative, or call 631-656-7199.

11. I have signed a Non-Disclosure and Subscription Document to become an LLC investor. Am I now a member of United Rheumatology, entitled to the services, benefits and opportunities?

The document you signed to become an investor is called a Subscription Agreement for Subscribers of Units. If you are an investor, you are automatically entitled to membership services and benefits; if you happen to be a practicing community rheumatologist, we would welcome your membership in UR.