Claims Submitted for Hepatitis and Pneumococcal Vaccines Denying in Error

Description of the Problem

National Government Services has identified a claims processing issue in which claims for the following immunization and administration procedures codes incorrectly denied due to an incorrect diagnosis code.

Codes: G0010, G0009, 90630, 90669, 90670, 90732, 90739, 90740, 90743, 90744, 90746, 90747

What This Means to You

A system error impacted providers who submitted claims for these services in which they reported ICD-10-CM diagnosis code Z23.
The system issue has caused these claims to deny in error as having an invalid diagnosis code.

Current Status of Problem:
A mass adjustment will be made to claims that denied in error; adjustments will be completed soon. It is unnecessary to resubmit the claim or to request an appeal. No provider action is needed.

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