Biosimilar Adoption

Modern Medicine Network takes a look at a report by Trinity Partners on biosimilars in the U.S. and identifies “three barriers to biosimilar adoption” According to Jillian Godfrey Scaife, at Trinity Partners, “Biosimilars were once expected to disrupt the U.S. biologic market in a major way. The industry anticipated increased competition would drive down prices for both payers and patients leading to reduced healthcare costs. This prediction has not come to fruition.” The three main hurdles, according to the study are:

  1. The lack of market access due to complex contracting dynamics;
  2. Regulatory and legal uncertainty; and
  3. A general lack of clinical comfort with biosimilars.

Read the Modern Medicine story with this link.
Read the Trinity Partners report, “The State of US Biosimilars Market Access” with this link.

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