Bibliometric Analysis of Biosimilars

The Center for Biosimilars summarizes a bibliometric analysis about biosimilar-related articles and documents indexed in Scopus to indicate biosimilars could be a promising option to help decrease healthcare costs and expand access to treatment. To date, there had been no global bibliometric analysis on biosimilars.
The findings reported by The Center for Biosimilars indicate, “The quality and quantity of worldwide research on biosimilars is increasing, reflecting an increasing interest in the use of biosimilar treatments in a number of diseases.” The first bibliometric analysis of biosimilars, by Akram Hernández-Vásquez, MD, MSc, and colleagues in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice found that the majority of publications on biosimilars came from high-income countries, including the United States (29.4%), Germany (12.5%) and the United Kingdom (10.6%).
A total of 2,330 biosimilar-related documents (reviews, articles, editorials, letters) were identified in the Scopus database between 2004 and 2016.
Read the Center for Biosimilars article or the study.

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