MIPS Support (UREQA)

MIPS Support (UREQA)

Among rheumatologists, few policy topics have garnered as much attention as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), the current CMS program that modifies fee-for-service payments based on demonstration of value. MIPS is overwhelmingly complex, and the data reporting burden disproportionately affects small practices. United Rheumatology assists its members with MIPS through UREQA, United Rheumatology’s own Qualified Clinical Data Registry, which has the dual aim of making MIPS reporting simpler and more relevant.

Report Relevant Measures

New, rheumatology-specific quality measures are available for MIPS reporting exclusively through UREQA. Nearly 300 existing MIPS quality measures, including eCQMs are also supported.

Integrated with the Data Project

Data submitted to United Rheumatology’s Data Warehouse can be used to satisfy MIPS measures through UREQA, eliminating the need for redundant submission to a separate registry.

All MIPS Categories Supported

In addition to submitting quality data, participants can use UREQA to attest for Advancing Care Information (ACI) and Clinical Practice Improvement Activities (CPIA).

Flexible Data Submission

UREQA accepts multiple methods of data entry for members that require additional flexibility due to EMR constraints.

Know Where You Stand

Participants can access a personalized, web-based dashboard that summarizes MIPS performance, estimates scoring, and illuminates improvement opportunities.

UREQA and UREQA QCDR measures have been approved by CMS for MIPS reporting in 2019.


If you have questions or would like to participate, please contact your Practice Relationship Manager at 631-656-7199, or contact UREQAsupport@unitedrheumatology.com.

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