This can happen to you and your patient population..

The following is a communication from Nilsa Cruz, who serves as practice administrator for a smaller Wisconsin rheumatology practice that is a United Rheumatology active member. We have been working actively with Nilsa for some time to address challenges with data access. Her practice uses Practice Fusion (PF). Many report liking the functionality of PF (hearsay- we have not done a scientific polling to assess UR member practice opinions about their technology platforms). However, virtually every PF user we know of signed an agreement which entitled use of the PF system for virtually no cost, in exchange for surrendering the rights to their data. UR members have heard us repeatedly reinforce the importance of control over chart data- financial, prescribing, and clinical, – for your future, and for the mission of UR. Nilsa brought her local issues to our attention, and there is no reason to think her experiences will not repeat elsewhere. Thus, we felt it worthwhile to forward her communication to you for consideration.

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